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Hotel near Awesome Walls

Hotel near Awesome Walls Indoor Climbing

Looking for something to do with your active family? Awesome Walls could be the perfect solution. The indoor climbing centre allows you and your family learn the art of rock climbing in a safe environment. If you are regular climbers than practice your skills on one of the many challenging walls.

What can we expect?

Awesome walls is one of the largest indoor climbing centers in Europe with 2000 square meters of climbing surface and 1000 square meters of bouldering. The difference between the two disciplines is the height you scale. Climbing generally involves climbing vertical heights with ropes and safety equipment and bouldering is horizontal climbing close to the ground without safety equipment but with a floor made from special crash mat material to break your fall.

We have never climbed before?

No problem, Awesome Walls offer taster sessions for anyone who is new to climbing but they must be booked in advance.

15 Minute Drive Away

It’s only a 15min drive from the Clayton Hotel Liffey Valley to Awesome Walls. All that climbing is bound to make you hungry, why not have lunch or dinner back at the hotel in one of our many restaurant options. For a hotel near Awesome Walls, book a room today.


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